'Roger Federer is tennis, we are all...', says former ATP ace

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'Roger Federer is tennis, we are all...', says former ATP ace

Roger Federer made his debut in the ATP rankings in September 1997 and took his first ATP-level victory a year later in Toulouse with 17. Roger's main goal for that season was to finish as no. 1, and he succeeded. Additionally, Federer found time for his professional duties, making his ATP debut in Gstaad after winning the junior Wimbledon crown and competing in the Geneva Challenger in August.

At the end of September, Roger tried to qualify for the ATP event in Toulouse, ranked 878, delivering rock solid tennis on the fast covered surface, equipped with a solid serve, great movement, attacking style and deft coverage.

of the network. Federer defeated Marcelo Wowk, Alex Radulescu and Olivier Delaitre in straight sets to find himself in his second main draw on the ATP Tour, gathering pace and momentum and winning all three tiebreaks to enter the main draw.

His first opponent was world No. 45 Guillaume Raoux, and Federer made a strong statement of his talents and abilities, defeating the Frenchman 6-2, 6-2 in one hour to clinch his first ATP victory on the 30th. of September. Throughout the match, it was the young Swiss, who lost just eight points on serve and never had a break opportunity to keep the pressure on his rival.

Federer took 50% of the return points to take Raoux's serve four times on eight occasions and controlled the score for a historic win. He does not. 43, Richard Fromberg, was his opponent in the second round, and Federer scored another victory, beating the opponent 6-1, 7-6 in one hour and 25 minutes.

Paolo Bertolucci reflects on Federer

During a recent interview with Corriere Della Sera Veneto, Paolo Bertolucci was asked for his two cents on the GOAT debate between Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. "Federer is tennis, we are all Federians, but the Djokovic of 2013 and of the last year and a half is the strongest player ever," Bertolucci said.

"He and Nadal are able to keep mental and competitive rhythms that I would not have managed even five minutes. But how do they do it? I envy and admire them." He revealed that Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have always greeted and interacted with him in public, which for him shows that they respect the history of the sport and are humble.

"They (Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic) know the past of their sport and respect it," the Italian said. "You can meet them at dinner, if you cross them they come to greet you, they know who you are and what you did and chat with you.

It is a sign of education, but also of historical culture and modesty. And let's talk about planetary champions, not just tennis. Apart from them, I don't know anyone off the pitch."