Roger Federer: 'You think you know who you are but...'

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Roger Federer: 'You think you know who you are but...'

The remodeling of the ATP ranking due to the pandemic has allowed Roger Federer to remain in the noble zone of the list much longer than expected given his drift in recent times. It might surprise many to continue seeing the Swiss among the best in the world despite his few appearances, and that is something that will stop being the case, most likely, after Indian Wells 2021.

And that is that Roger will lose 480 points from his locker, corresponding to 300 from Indian Wells 2019 and 180 from Shanghai 2019, something that would put Felix Auger-Aliassime or Hubert Hurkacz on a plate breaking into the top-10 to the detriment of the Basel legend.

The question is whether he will ever be in that select club again.

Federer might return to the ATP tour next year

After a difficult loss to Hubert Hurkacz in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon this year, Swiss Maestro Roger Federer announced his decision to put an end to his 2021 season and informed fans about a third knee surgery he was bound to undergo.

In another interview with GQ, the Swiss Maestro talked about a range of topics right from his playing days to Emma Raducanu‘s recent success at US Open. When asked about how does he feel on turning forty recently, the Swiss gave an elaborate answer.

“Actually, I’m excited, even though I make jokes – ‘I can’t believe I’m 40! It’s terrible!’. But overall, I think I’m excited. I remember turning 20. You think you know who you are but you really have no clue!

At 30, you have a pretty good idea, figuring it out, but at 40, I think you know”, said Federer. The 20-time major champion continued, “Right now, my life’s in a really good place with my wife, my four children.

I mean, my girls are already 12. I was 28 when I had them, and then my boys are seven now. So, I mean, look, we have a wonderful life and I can’t complain”. The Swiss, who had only returned to competition a few months before Wimbledon following double knee surgery, said he hoped he could have been in better shape to compete.

"I'm actually very grateful, very happy I was just able to play. I mean, my last year and a half, it's been really difficult. It's been hard with the double knee surgery I had last year and rehab was really slow. And, look, in some ways I wish I would have been in better shape for Wimbledon this year," Federer lamented.