'Roger Federer is one of the best people I have ever met', says star

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'Roger Federer is one of the best people I have ever met', says star

In an incredible career that saw him win three majors in a row, Novak Djokovic also joined Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with 20 titles each. The Serb could have won the 21st major at the US Open, but Daniil Medvedev had different plans.

After his victory at Wimbledon, the world number one said that none of the three would stop winning slams when asked about him tying the record with Nadal and Federer. Speaking about the comment made by the Serb, Federer mentioned in a recent interview that Djokovic's 2021 season has been phenomenal and he looks forward to seeing his careers continue.

“Well look, obviously he was speaking for himself. He has adrenaline when he says that and he doesn't know where I am or where Rafael is. But he has good intentions, obviously. I think his year again has been phenomenal," said the Swiss teacher.

"Wow. When I was going up, the record was 12 and "Pistol" got to it, you know, and it went up to 14. Then I passed it in 2009, so it was 15. That was clearly a great moment for me, tying with him at Paris and then break it when I'm at Wimbledon."

Gauff pays tribute to Federer

Coco Gauff recently waxed lyrical about Roger Federer, calling him the "best" both on and off the court. Gauff also believes Federer is the perfect role model for her and many others, given how well he deals with all facets of his tennis life.

"He (Roger Federer) is probably one of the most influential players in history," Gauff said. "We all know that Roger is the best on and off the field, the way he came into the game, the way he acts, the way he responds and treats the media, for teaching you how to deal with any situation.

All this is what I try to learn and imitate on my way." Gauff went on to call Federer one of the greatest athletes she has ever come across, who at the same time is also an exemplary human being. "He (Federer) is one of the best athletes, players and people I have ever met," Gauff said.

"I'm not just saying in tennis: he's one of the best in the sport in general." The 20-time Major champion held on to his No. 10 rank for about a couple of weeks before he again dropped out of the elite club on August 5 after losing early at Gstaad (2R), Canada (1R), and Cincinnati (1R).

Federer fell to the 14th position, but climbed to 13 a week later. The Swiss was ranked 13 for a couple of months before returning to the top 10 once again.