'If you play against a champion like Roger Federer many times...', says legend

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'If you play against a champion like Roger Federer many times...', says legend

The elderly and the numerous knee surgeries suddenly slowed the presence of Roger Federer at the circuit (he played only 13 official matches in 2021), who has not put one foot on court since the Defeat in Final quarter in Wimbledon against Hubert Hurkacz.

For most, the umpteenth defeat seemed like the prelude to the retreat. However, the Swiss is not of the same opinion, determined to put an end to him only when he decides and not because he is forced. On several occasions, the Multicampeon Slam has updated and still updates to the fondness in his rehabilitation path, making him the words of him reveal uncertainty about times of recovery but at the same time he wants to play again.

This great determination did not go unnoticed in the eyes and ears of Tommy Haas, who expressed his opinion on the ambitions of Federer in an interview with "L 'Equipe" "We saw in Wimbledon that he was a little injured, he did not move as well as usual," said former number 2 of the world-but he will do everything possible to return.

I am 100% sure that the goal is Wimbledon. It is the best surface of it to get away again. He is happy, he does not have to not be. You know, there is a lot of gratitude in it. Love life. But he is still hungry. He still hopes to be able to return.

He wants to stop when he wants, decide when it is time to say that he no longer likes [because] he loses too much."

Rafa Nadal on facing Federer

Over the past two decades, tennis has been dominated by players such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray.

Together they have played some of the most memorable matches on the men’s Tour. The Spaniard feels honored to be competing in the same era as these amazing players. Rafa has played some thrilling encounters against Andy Murray.

They have created some intense moments in some of the most noteworthy matches in the Grand Slam events. Speaking on these amazing rivals, Nadal stated, “If you play against a champion like Roger many times, you will naturally feel that you want to grow.

I had the opportunity to meet top players in my career. Roger, Novak, and Andy Murray”. The 35-year-old added, “Looking back on the history of tennis, it is difficult to find an era in which the winner of the Grand Slam was occupied by such a limited number of players. Being in the same era as the special players helped me raise my awareness and go for tough training.