Roger Federer: 'I used to be with Walkman or Discman'


Roger Federer: 'I used to be with Walkman or Discman'

Roger Federer's 2021 was unfortunately affected by the usual knee problem. The Swiss champion is back on the pitch after more than a year's absence at the ATP 250 tournament in Doha, but has never been able to compete at a high level due to physical discomfort.

In fact, the Swiss forfeited the fourth round of Roland Garros in order not to risk a new injury and then suffered a clear defeat against Hubert Hurkacz in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon showing all his difficulties. Federer also renounced the Tokyo Olympics to preserve his physique for the American season, but just a few days before the start of the US Open announced that he would undergo another surgery; intervention that closed its season prematurely.

Zeljko Franulovic spoke about Federer's future in a recent interview. We recall that Franulovic in 1970 became the protagonist of a surprising victory in Monte Carlo by defeating Manuel Orantes in the final and becoming the first Yugoslav to impose himself on the major circuit at high levels.

“I'm sure Roger Federer will give everything he has to get back to high levels in the ATP Tour. Still no one knows where he will play next year," Franulovic said. "However, I think on clay he could opt for best-of-three-set events like Monte Carlo and Rome rather than Roland Garros.

We hope to convince him to play in Monte Carlo." Federer has also released a last update on his physical condition on Swiss radio Srfsport. "I am very well, the rehabilitation is proceeding step by step and the worst is now behind us."

Federer traveled quite a bit on trams

In an interview with Basel Live, Roger Federer has confirmed that he was even involved in the designing of the tram.

When asked to elaborate on the process, the 20-time Major champion admitted that it was a "bit strange" to design a public transport vehicle with himself as the main theme. When asked about what sort of music he would listen to during his journeys, the Swiss revealed that his Walkman would most often be playing relaxing music.

"I would hear something relaxing - like I used to be with Walkman or Discman," Federer said. He further revealed that he preferred to sit right towards the rear end of the vehicle. "I still remember well that I liked to look over the shoulder of the tram driver to know what was ahead of me," Roger Federer added. "And if I didn't read in the front, I like to sit at the very back of the tram."

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