Roger Federer: 'People should enjoy watching...'

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Roger Federer: 'People should enjoy watching...'

2019 Wimbledon men's individual champion Shintaro Mochizuki reveals that he has always looked up to Roger Federer. Mochizuki, 18, currently enjoys the highest ranking in his career, No. 391, as he hopes to have a good Tour career after a successful youth career.

Mochizuki had the opportunity to train with Federer at the Nitto ATP Finals and it was then that he realized that the Swiss was also a great person off the court. "I have admired Federer since my childhood and I still like him very much, I want to be like him.

He is a bit unreadable, he disguises his feelings on the court, I think that should worry his opponent," Mochizuki said about Federer, according to Seidoumogera/Twitter. "I hit him several times in the ATP Finals, he's a nice guy off the pitch, a fun person, that's nice."

Federer, 40, and Rafael Nadal, 35, are out for the season, but Auger-Aliassime believes those two will be tough to beat when they return. "It was going to come eventually. A generation change. Novak is still number one, and Roger and Rafa will see how they come back," Auger-Aliassime said recently.

Federer has struggled with a lingering knee injury

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a tram named after him in his birthplace of Basel. The tram, called the 'Federer Express' or 'FedExpress' for short, has turned quite a few heads with its sleek structure and eye-catching colors.

"People should enjoy watching the tram," Federer added. "The tram is therefore provided with highlights of my career and moments of success. In addition, there are also various further information about my career or childhood inside the tram to read."

On a lighter note, the 40-year-old was asked if, in his youth, he had ever availed the services of a tram without paying for the ticket. "I have the feeling that I have very rarely driven black. I was never caught doing so," Federer said.

"But I had the GA (Switzerland travelcard) for many years and therefore rarely had to buy a ticket. Basically, I'm not a fan of it, not even in tennis. Fairness and correct behavior are extremely important to me in life.

But of course, it certainly happened to me that I got on for a short distance without a ticket." When asked about what sort of music he would listen to during his journeys, the Swiss revealed that his Walkman would most often be playing relaxing music. "I would hear something relaxing - like I used to be with Walkman or Discman," Federer said.