Roger Federer: 'I got on for a short distance without...'

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Roger Federer: 'I got on for a short distance without...'

Former French tennis player Stephane Robert couldn't believe what he had just witnessed after practicing with Roger Federer. Federer underwent knee surgery in 2016 and when he returned he captured back-to-back Australian Open titles.

"When Roger made his comeback in 2017, I practiced with him once indoors and I had never seen a player who played tennis like this, who moved the ball so easily, it was amazing, I had never seen that, I thought, 'What? hell is this?' There, if he doesn't win the Australian Open, I don't understand anything anymore, "Robert told Tennis Legend, as revealed by We Love Tennis.

Federer underwent two more knee surgeries in 2020 and underwent another knee operation last August. "It was a difficult process to make that decision, just because I already had a couple of knee surgeries last year," Federer said at the Laver Cup.

"I was really unhappy with how things went at Wimbledon. He was nowhere near where he wanted to be to play at the highest, highest level. But I did the best I could and in the end, at some point, too much is too much. Now I have to go step by step."

Federer acknowledged that he will not rush his return. "First I have to walk properly again, run properly and then do the side steps and all the agility work and then finally I have to get back on the tennis court," he said.

Federer played 13 matches in 2021

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a tram named after him in his birthplace of Basel. The tram, called the 'Federer Express' or 'FedExpress' for short, has turned quite a few heads with its sleek structure and eye-catching colors.

"People should enjoy watching the tram," Federer added. "The tram is therefore provided with highlights of my career and moments of success. In addition, there are also various further information about my career or childhood inside the tram to read."

On a lighter note, the 40-year-old was asked if, in his youth, he had ever availed the services of a tram without paying for the ticket. Federer admitted that there were instances when he traveled black (without buying a ticket) over short distances, but stressed the importance of practicing "fairness and correct behavior"

"I have the feeling that I have very rarely driven black. I was never caught doing so," Federer said. "But I had the GA (Switzerland travelcard) for many years and therefore rarely had to buy a ticket. Basically, I'm not a fan of it, not even in tennis.

Fairness and correct behavior are extremely important to me in life. But of course, it certainly happened to me that I got on for a short distance without a ticket."