Paul Annacone discusses how Roger Federer went from temperamental to so cool

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Paul Annacone discusses how Roger Federer went from temperamental to so cool

Coach Paul Annacone says Roger Federer got to the point where he realized that being too temperamental and emotional would get him nowhere. Federer used to get easy frustrated on the court but changed as he got a little bit more experienced and he became an absolute legend and icon of the sport.

Annacone, who worked with Federer in the past, was asked what led to Federer one of the most calm players on the Tour. "I asked him about it when we were together years ago, I asked if it was something someone said, a coach, or his parents or whatever...

He said it was a little bit of a bunch of things. But he said ultimately I just realized to myself that if I'm that emotional those things can knock me off the rails, then I can't think my way through what's going on out there.

He used to say 'I need to be able to find solutions,"' Annacone said during his appearance on the Podcast.

Federer praised by Matteo Berrettini

Recently, Wimbledon runner-up Berrettini showed appreaciation for Federer as he labeled the Swiss as the "tennis ambassador."

"Federer. I admire the example he sets and the time he spends playing tennis off the court. I feel like he understands that he has the power to have a influence on the world. Whether it's doing some charity event or working hard tough on the ATP Players Council.

He uses the sport and its popularity to impact as many lives as he can in a very positive way," Berrettini said of Federer. Unfortunately, Federer was forced to prematurely end his season in August due to a knee injury.

"I've got to first walk again properly, run properly and then do the sidesteps and all the agility work and then eventually I've got to be back on the tennis court," Federer said following his knee surgery.