'Everyone says that Roger Federer is the most...', says ATP ace

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'Everyone says that Roger Federer is the most...', says ATP ace

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are two of the best athletes of the modern era. The incomparable mastery and display of skill that both of them exhibited led to eternal glory for both of them. In such a situation, it was only natural for the two to be compared.

Federer and Woods were friends and even shared a couple of endorsement deals. Gilette and Nike were the companies that worked with the two athletes and, on many occasions, they had worked together. Furthermore, both were at the peak of their careers in the first decade of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, Gilette left Woods when his extramarital affairs became a scandal and attracted negative attention. Nike, however, stayed with Woods, even when everyone else left him. During this time is when Woods broke the connection with the Swiss.

In 2018, Roger Federer spoke about Woods in an interview. He revealed how the 82-time PGA Tour winner broke all contact. Federer, however, remained calm and expressed his happiness for the well-being of the golfer. He also revealed that they were a great support system for each other despite the exaggerated Grand Slam competition between the two.

Roger said: “It was more about wishing good luck. When he got in trouble, he disappeared and changed his number. Anyway, I am happy that he has come back stronger again. He is doing well again and playing well. I would love to hear from him again.

We share great memories. He was very supportive of me. We really enjoyed fighting for other Grand Slams."

Verdasco speaks about Federer

Fernando Verdasco recently said Rafael Nadal is the toughest opponent he has faced in his entire career, while joking about how dominant he has been at Roland Garros.

Verdasco also talked about his matchup against Roger Federer, claiming that he wouldn't have had zero wins against the Swiss if he had played against him more often. "With Rafa, he is the one I played the most times (17-3), then Murray (13-4), then Novak (11-4) and finally Roger (7-0)," Verdasco said.

"I beat the first three at times, but with Federer I never could. The closest I got was at the London Masters, going 6-4, 4-4 and two break points, but those two balls slip away and there is no turning back." According to Verdasco, while Nadal may not play as beautifully as Federer, his ability to lift his game at the important junctures sets him apart from everyone else.

"Technically it can be more or less showy, everyone says that Roger Federer is the most elegant, the one who plays the most beautiful," Verdasco said. "Rafa does not play as beautiful as Roger, but Rafa in important moments he arrives from outside the court and hits a forehand on the run from outside the net... and you are stunned."