Roger Federer: 'It was a long process'

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Roger Federer: 'It was a long process'
Roger Federer: 'It was a long process' (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Tennis fans around the world are aware of the greatness of Roger Federer. During all these years, the Swiss master has entertained fans time and again by showing some skills that have not been shown in the past. Recently, an old Roger Federer video resurfaced in which he talks about how talented he is.

Of course, he was being sarcastic about it, but you can't disagree with him. Watching the video, you can see the different tricks in his bag and the way he consistently performs them. The 20 Grand Slam winner spoke on this issue and stated: “There is no secret behind this.

I am definitely a very talented player. I always knew I had something special, but I didn't know what it was, you know, that's crazy." Federer can be seen dominating other players in the clip, which includes some of the best players in the game.

There are points shown in the clip that have taken place throughout the two decades of his career. He has executed trick shots as tweeners, some shots that are not in the game's textbooks. It has been a real pleasure to see the Basel-born player over the years and with his humble personality, he surely stands out from the crowd.

Coming into the season, Federer has not appeared in a competitive match since his departure from Wimbledon. He then announced that he would need to undergo another knee surgery and that he would be out of action for many months.

He intends to compete during the 2022 season. We wish him the best during the recovery process and we hope to see him compete again soon.

Federer loves his country

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a tram named after him in his birthplace of Basel.

The tram, called the 'Federer Express' or 'FedExpress' for short, has turned quite a few heads with its sleek structure and eye-catching colors. "Well, it was a long process," Roger Federer said. "And I have to say, it feels a bit strange to present yourself on a tram.

It was therefore important for me that it is a tram for the city, not for me." When asked about what sort of music he would listen to during his journeys, the Swiss revealed that his Walkman would most often be playing relaxing music.

"I would hear something relaxing - like I used to be with Walkman or Discman," Federer said. "I still remember well that I liked to look over the shoulder of the tram driver to know what was ahead of me," Roger Federer added. "And if I didn't read in the front, I like to sit at the very back of the tram."

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