Roger Federer: 'I still remember well that I liked to look...'

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Roger Federer: 'I still remember well that I liked to look...'

Throughout the years, Andy Murray has been a prominent name in men's sports, to say the least. The British player has suffered injuries that have kept him away from the Tour for a long period. However, he has been struggling to compete against the best players in the game right now.

After receiving a wild card at the 2021 Rolex Paris Masters, Andy Murray was praised by French tennis manager Guy Forget. He felt that after the big three, the two-time Olympic gold medalist will be the next big thing in men's tennis.

Murray hasn't won as many Grand Slam titles as the Big Three, but he's certainly made his mark on the game. Noting the importance of Andy, Forget stated: “We are talking about Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Of course, they won most of the Grand Slams, but Andy was right behind them in his tail. You know, Andy won some. He won the Davis Cup, he has been number one in the world. He went through a series of hip surgeries and I don't know who else could have done it."

Forget feels that the Scottish player has found a new level of form in recent days. After managing to defeat a top 10 player last week, Andy is heading in the right direction. Therefore, having him in Paris will be a good story.

The Frenchman added: “He not only won an ATP event and has beaten a top 10 player."

Federer is recovering from a knee injury

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a tram named after him in his birthplace of Basel.

The tram, called the 'Federer Express' or 'FedExpress' for short, has turned quite a few heads with its sleek structure and eye-catching colors. "People should enjoy watching the tram," Federer added.

"The tram is therefore provided with highlights of my career and moments of success. In addition, there are also various further information about my career or childhood inside the tram to read. I have the feeling that I have very rarely driven black.

I was never caught doing so," Federer said. "But I had the GA (Switzerland travelcard) for many years and therefore rarely had to buy a ticket. Basically, I'm not a fan of it, not even in tennis. Fairness and correct behavior are extremely important to me in life.

But of course, it certainly happened to me that I got on for a short distance without a ticket." The 40-year-old also recalled that he would often be seated facing the direction opposite to that in which the tram was running.

He further revealed that he preferred to sit right towards the rear end of the vehicle. "I still remember well that I liked to look over the shoulder of the tram driver to know what was ahead of me," Roger Federer added. "And if I didn't read in the front, I like to sit at the very back of the tram."