Roger Federer among the 10-highest paid athletes of all time

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Roger Federer among the 10-highest paid athletes of all time

After the top-10 lost in the ATP world ranking, Roger Federer wasted no time and immediately ran for cover, winning another. According to a recent study released by Sportico, the Swiss champion is ranked among the top 10 highest paid athletes of all time.

A truly impressive milestone achieved and consolidated by the 40-year-old, who has become an icon of world tennis thanks to the successes achieved over the course of his long career and with his great personality. With an inflation-adjusted income of $ 1.12 billion, the Basel-born player occupies the 10th position on the special ranking.

However, he would even be in seventh place if the count of uncorrected profits for inflation is taken into account. The winner of 20 Major titles makes sponsorships his main revenue channel: just think that the contract with Uniqlo guarantees him a sum of up to 300 million dollars.

Truly stellar figures: the earnings taken into consideration include - as reported by Sportico - money raised from salaries, cash prizes, purses, bonuses, sponsorships, licenses, royalties, memorabilia, book offers and appearances.

Federer best tennis player

By narrowing the court to the world of tennis, Roger is definitely the first. Although he does not have a higher cash prize than Novak Djokovic (example) when it comes to official tournaments, the Swiss has outdone all rivals.

Rafael Nadal is around the 25th position in the ranking, while Serena Williams is the highest paid female athlete with 480 million (40th overall). Federer manages to be ahead of stars such as David Beckham, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Mike Tyson, Kevin Durant and Lewis Hamilton, just to name a few.

The leader of this special list is the American Michael Jordan at the top followed by Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. Fifth Cristiano Ronaldo; ahead of the Swiss also LeBron James, Lionel Messi and Michael Shumacher. The native of Basel, with his inimitable style, has made himself one of the absolute protagonists of the era in the world of tennis, managing to take away almost all possible satisfactions.

20 Grand Slams on the showcase, great affection from the fans and a majestic career also from an economic point of view: these are the factors that have made Roger Federer famous.