Roger Federer: "Mirka has always been fantastic"

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Roger Federer: "Mirka has always been fantastic"

His wife Mirka has always played a fundamental role in Roger Federer's career. In addition to taking care of the organizational aspect of her husband in quotation marks, Mirka and her children have given Roger the stability necessary for the Swiss to become one of the strongest tennis players ever.

During a recent interview with Sportworld microphones, Roger recalled how important his wife was in his path. Here are his words: "I think that every wife is important for a Mario and obviously my case is no different. She has been mentioned a lot in my career and she has done a really great job.

She has been coming to every training session and every match of mine for years, she still did this now but obviously with children the situation is different. Now let's say it's normal for her to lose some training. She has been very important in my life, not just in tennis but in general.

She has always lived thinking about my interests and the best for me and she has never been detached."

Roger Federer and the love for his wife Mirka

The twenty-time Grand Slam winner continued: "She didn't have any particular requests, the only thing she wanted was to spend time with me.

Mirka has always been fantastic, but obviously when it comes to tennis sometimes I had to decide for myself. In tennis I didn't have to think as a couple but as a tennis player. Did it help me to have a girlfriend and then a wife who was already on the Tour? Yes, I think so but at the same time I think it could have been nice to have a girlfriend and a wife who had nothing to do with the world of sport.

After the injury she realized the gravity of the situation and decided to follow me on tour, I think this choice, she was enthusiastic about it, was for her a way to stay in the Tour." At the moment Federer is stopped due to an injury and they expect to hear of news regarding its near future.