Roger Federer: I realized outbursts would get me nowhere

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Roger Federer: I realized outbursts would get me nowhere

Roger Federer, 40, revealed he was having a hard time dealing with losses at the beginning is his career. "I was always extremely sad after a loss. Sometimes I howled all the way home to Basel. (...) No matter how hard my parents talked into me, none of that would have helped.

So they made me cry. Looking back, I was a bit crazy back then," Federer told Ringier magazine. In his early days on tour, Federer was struggling to control his emotions., "I was a spirited boy and liked to show emotions.

But the outbursts of anger only took place on the tennis court. My family, my friends have told me that I am acting impossible. 'Don't be so stupid!' They said. And: There are also others who can play well," Federer said..

Federer knew he needed to.male a change

For the last decade and a half, Federer has been known as he one of the most cool and collected players on tour. "I knew: I cannot and will no longer behave like before. I am speaking of my basic negative attitude.

This constant wailing, this lamenting, that had to stop. This way you don't win games and certainly not a tournament! I knew I had to make a change. An inner change," Federer explained. Former Federer's coach Paul Annacone recently discussed on how the Swiss went from so temperamental to so cool.

"I asked him about it when we were together years ago, I asked if it was something someone said, a coach, or his parents or whatever... He said it was a little bit of a bunch of things. But he said ultimately I just realized to myself that if I'm that emotional those things can knock me off the rails, then I can't think my way through what's going on out there.

He used to say 'I need to be able to find solutions,"' Annacone said during his appearance on the Podcast.