Roger Federer on advising Mirka to retire: Just stop, why to stress yourself

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Roger Federer on advising Mirka to retire: Just stop, why to stress yourself

Former world No. 1 Roger Federer advised wife Mirka to retire after she started struggling with a foot injury. Mirka, 43, called it a career in 2002.. In 2009, Federer and Mirka tied the knot. Federer, 40, is still active on the Tour as he is trying to make another comeback following his third knee surgery in two years.

"She had this injury on her foot. At that time I said to her: 'just stop! Why the stress? ›Really cool. As if it were the easiest decision in the world (laughs). Today I think: Am I crazy? I still play tournaments myself at 40 and find it difficult to quit," Federer told Ringier magazine.

Federer reveals a funny Mirka story

Once, Mirka completely forgot that Federer was in the middle of a match so she tried to get him on a cell phone.. "It has even happened before that Mirka - and she may not be happy that I am telling you this - called me during a match.

She had completely forgotten that I was playing (laughs). That's exactly what I like about her, that's Mirka's charm: If she's in tennis, then she's in. And when she is outside, she can break away from it very well," Federer revealed.

Federer and Mirka have four kids and the 20-time Grand Slam champion admits traveling with the whole family is "not ideal." "Traveling with the whole family is not ideal in many ways," Federer explained.

"And then the girls were born. Twins! That gave us an unbelievable horror. I really thought we weren't going to get that straight. (...) I am really proud that we made it. But it is a Herculean task!" Federer, who is hoping to be ready for the Australian Open in January, turned 40 this past August. "Now I have to be almost a little more serious," Federer said.