Roger Federer: 'I told her at the time: "Stop it!'

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Roger Federer: 'I told her at the time: "Stop it!'
Roger Federer: 'I told her at the time: "Stop it!'

Roger Federer's 2021 was far from expectations. The former world number 1 has played just 13 official matches this season, racking up nine wins and four losses. His last appearance dates back to Wimbledon, where he succumbed sharply to Hubert Hurkacz in the quarter-finals.

A relapse in his right knee forced the Swiss to undergo surgery for the third time in the last year and a half. Although there is no precise plan for his return to the tour, the 40-year-old from Basel has expressed his desire to treat himself to one last ride of the carousel.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has dropped out of the Top 10 for the first time since 2017 and his presence at the Australian Open 2022 seems unlikely. The feeling is that the King will try to get in shape for Wimbledon, the tournament he has the most chance to finish.

At bottom. During a recent interview with 'Ringier', Federer spoke extensively about his wife Mirka. The two met at the Sydney Olympics and then joined forces at the 2002 Hopman Cup. Mirka, who achieved a best ranking of WTA number 76, was forced to retire at 24 due to injuries.

Roger Federer speaks about Mirka

"She (wife, Mirka) had this injury on her foot," Roger Federer said. "I told her at the time: "Stop it! Why the stress?› Quite cool. As if this were the easiest decision in the world (laughs).

Today I think: Am I actually spinning? I myself still play tournaments at 40 and find it difficult to stop." Federer then went on to reveal an interesting anecdote involving his wife. According to the 40-year-old, Mirka once called him up during a match after forgetting that he was in action.

"It has even happened that Mirka - and she may not be happy that I am telling you this now - called me during a match," Federer said. "She had completely forgotten that I was playing (laughs). That's exactly what I like about her, that's Mirka's charm: When she's in tennis, then she's in it.

And when she is outside, she can get away from it very well." The 2021 season hasn’t been the best for the 20 time Grand Slam champion, Federer. He withdrew from two Grand Slam tournaments in 2021. After Wimbledon, he had to undergo another knee surgery.

In the interview, the question popped up regarding best way for him to retire. Federer said, “That doesn’t exist for me! But I wish that I can choose the moment myself. I am sure I will know when that moment comes. I am not afraid of the time after my professional career. It will be a smooth transition”.

Roger Federer

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