Roger Federer: 'I just want to go to my bed!'

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Roger Federer: 'I just want to go to my bed!'

Roger Federer has had a lot of problems in the past two seasons. The Swiss phenomenon has operated on his right knee three times and his appearances on the field have been very few from the beginning of 2020 until today. Suffice it to say that the former world number 1 played just 13 official matches this year, collecting nine wins and four losses.

After being eliminated in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, the 40-year-old from Basel announced that he had suffered a knee relapse and had to undergo yet another surgery. Although there is no precise plan for his return to the tour, the Swiss has repeatedly expressed his desire to return to play.

Questioned by the Italian press during the ATP Finals in Turin, Ivan Ljubicic assured us that we will see King Roger again in 2022. The 20-time Grand Slam champion is in the process of rehabilitation right now and has no intention of forcing the times.

In a recent interview granted to 'Schweizer Illustrierte', Federer told a very funny anecdote relating to the legendary Wimbledon 2019 final. The two match points wasted by the Maestro against Novak Djokovic have remained etched in the minds of his fans and not only.

Roger Federer is a doting family man

“The kids were so excited and wanted to sleep in it the night before they left. I just thought, ‘Oh, no. Please do not! I just want to go to my bed! ‘”No question who got the upper hand.

Even after the historic 5-hour crime thriller, the children had no mercy on Dad. “Of course there were six of us spent the night in the camper”. said Roger Federer. In hindsight, he confessed to being glad about having gone on that camping holiday.

Over the years, his children have often been spotted in the stands along with their mother Mirka, who has been Roger’s biggest support since the start of his career. Roger Federer's coach Ivan Ljubicic recently claimed that the Swiss is unlikely to feature in the 2022 Australian Open as he is "still recovering" from a third knee surgery.

Ljubicic also stressed that Federer wants to be 100% fit before he returns to the court, and that he will only play if he believes he can contend for the title. "I think there are very few chances [Federer will play in Australia in January]," Ljubicic said.

"He is still recovering, and knowing him, he wants to be sure he can play to win the tournament and be at 100%."