'All Roger Federer's shots are perfect', says former ATP star

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'All Roger Federer's shots are perfect', says former ATP star

The goal he has in mind, even if you look at it quite far at this moment, is to return to the field soon and return to battle in the ATP circuit. Roger Federer wants at all costs to re-enter the ranks of tennis and be competitive again in the competitive tournaments that matter, perhaps to try to take away the latest satisfactions of an incredible career.

According to the Swiss, recovering from the injury and playing an official match would already be a wonderful dream for him, given the difficult physical conditions to face. The Basel native is aware of his accumulated age, but he doesn't want to give up or talk about when he could retire from the sport as a professional player.

The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles, along with Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic, granted a long interview to Sky Sport, touching on several important topics, including the disappearance of the Chinese Shuai Peng, the current problems she is experiencing and the beautiful moment.

of blue tennis in 2021. King Roger commented on the 2021 edition of the Nitto Atp Finals at PalaAlpitour: "I would like to play in Turin in the future, next year will certainly be complicated. I am seeing beautiful matches, the Italian DNA is giving an extra value to this tournament in terms of entertainment and organization.

Too bad for Berrettini, but Sinner replaced him at best. All the players were very regular, a lot of great tennis and it's a pleasure to follow him," he said. On the 25-year-old from Rome: “He can win a Grand Slam appointment.

Looking at his encounters with him, I realize that he is an established player in the top 10. In the past he was a surprise, now he is no longer."

Llodra reflects on Roger Federer

In a recent interview, former World No. 21 Michael Llodra spoke about growing up and training with Roger Federer during their formative years.

"I had the chance to face him (Roger Federer) several times. We are a year apart, I've known him since I was 12," Llodra told Telegram. "We grew up together. I didn't think he would have such a monstrous career. He was a very good player, we could see that he had facilities, but from there it was hard to predict that he was going to become one of the greatest players of all time," he said.

The Olympic doubles silver medalist further went on to reveal that while he saw "flashes" of Federer's brilliance, it took the Swiss time to sort out his problems. "He had flashes but he was a bit nervous and had ups and downs.

As soon as he managed to sort it out, he became a whole different player," he added. "He has such ease, and all his shots are perfect."