'Roger Federer became a whole different player', says former ATP ace

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'Roger Federer became a whole different player', says former ATP ace

The latest information regarding the recovery of Roger Federer has been a blow to his millions of fans around the world, who already see his retirement closer and closer. The Swiss tennis player, 40 years old and current world number 16, has already confirmed that he will not participate in the first Grand Slam of the season and will put his goal in reaching Wimbledon, his favorite tournament.

"I still need a lot of time. It's a bit sad, disappointing or even frustrating, but I already knew that it would take a long time to recover. My greatest wish is to play tennis at the highest level again, but right now I am only focusing on rehab.

I don't want to rush: one more month or one less month doesn't change things too much, so I don't have to rush. I want to go back, it's been a few days since I started walking again and very soon I will be able to drive again.

I'm fine," he explained in remarks taken up by 'Break Point.' Looking at the schedule, I think it's going to be really difficult to get to Wimbledon next year. But there is still a long time for that, perhaps there is a small possibility, but I do not want to create expectations.

This year my knee gave me a lot of problems on grass, and if I want to get there it's because I want to enjoy myself, not be suffering. In April or May I will have more information, but right now it is very difficult to predict anything," added the winner of 20 Grand Slams.

Llodra speaks about King Roger

In a recent interview, former World No. 21 Michael Llodra spoke about growing up and training with Roger Federer during their formative years. The Frenchman pointed out that Federer and he have been peers all along, given that the age difference between them is just one year.

"I had the chance to face him (Roger Federer) several times. We are a year apart, I've known him since I was 12," Llodra told Telegram. "We grew up together. He had flashes but he was a bit nervous and had ups and downs. As soon as he managed to sort it out, he became a whole different player," he added.

"He has such ease, and all his shots are perfect." Roger Federer recently confirmed that he will not be playing at the 2022 Australian Open, and even cast doubt over his presence at Wimbledon next year. The Swiss has been suffering from knee problems for a large chunk of the past two seasons, having played only four tournaments since the 2020 Australian Open.