'I don't think Roger Federer will know until...', says former No.1

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'I don't think Roger Federer will know until...', says former No.1
'I don't think Roger Federer will know until...', says former No.1

The winner of the Finals had changed on every occasion for six consecutive years: a series interrupted by the German (Alexander Zverev) himself on Sunday 21 November, with the victory in the final on the Russian number 2 in the world with a double 6-4.

But who is the player who in the end-of-season championship has offered better and continuous performances than his rivals? According to the statistics, Roger Federer seems to be the tennis player who expressed himself the most, resulting in the best.

The first key figure is the titles posted on the bulletin board, no less than 6 and has the characteristic of still being an active athlete, beating his long-time opponent Novak Djokovic (who shares second place with Ivan Lendl) at 5.

The Swiss champion created another important difference in the number of times he reached the final of the event. The record has so far been set at 10 occasions, with Lendl (9) and Becker (8) currently on the other steps of the podium, even if they cannot improve their place.

Federer had an unfortunate 2021 ATP campaign

Speaking to Eurosport, Mats Wilander said that Roger Federer is likely to work a reduced, low-intensity schedule in the coming season. "I don't think that Roger Federer will play too many matches on Tour," he said.

"He realizes that he does still have a chance to win - maybe not a grand slam, maybe not a final - but three or four matches. I think it's worth it for him to come back in his own mind. I'm sure Roger is curious to find out if it (comeback) can be done at the age of 41," Wilander said.

"I don't think he will know until he steps on court for at least a two or three set match against the likes of Zverev and Medvedev." Over the past couple of weeks, Federer gave a couple of interviews where he talked about the uphill climb of having to bounce back to top form once again.

He reminded fans that he would be ‘surprised’ if he plays at SW19 next year. But Federer remained hopeful of fighting to play top-tier tennis once again. “Even if I know that the end is near, I want to try and play some more big matches.

That will not be easy, but I want to try,” Federer told Tribune de Geneve. While the absence of Federer will have its impact on the ATP tour next year, there are a lot of other players and rivalries to look forward to.

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