Siya Kolisi: I had lunch with Roger Federer, he is so normal and casual

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Siya Kolisi: I had lunch with Roger Federer, he is so normal and casual

Rugby star Siya Kolisi met with Roger Federer and he suggested he was impressed with how normal and casual Federer looked during their lunch. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is one of the greatest tennis players ever but he has never been known as cocky or arrogant.

Instead, Federer loves to remain humble and he is known as a very friendly person. "I had a lunch in Zurich today with Roger Federer. Someone like him is so big here, but when you sit down with him, you forget how big an icon he is, because he is a normal human being," Kolisi told RTS Sport.

Treating people right has always been Federer's thing Federer is 40 and the end of his career is nearing. Recently, former world No.

1 Federer was asked how he would like to be remembered. "I hope I will be remembered as a casual, cool, good tennis player. And as a person, I hope that I was able to set an example that, even if you are successful, you can treat people with decency, attitude and fairness," Federer told Ringier magazine.

During his interview with the Ringier Magazine, Federer explained his towell trick. "How can I just ignore a bad point? One trick that helped me a lot was the one with the towel. A baby has a cozy blanket or a cuddly bear.

My coach said I needed something like that. Something that helps me to withdraw into my world for a brief moment. (...) From now on it was said: You can get excited for three seconds. Then you run to the Tüechli. Then this is the moment all for you.

(...) Very easy. But very effective. For me it has become a ritual. Lost point, first reflex - towel. But later it was also because of all the sweating (laughs)," Federer explained.