'I think it’s possible for Roger Federer to come back', says former No.1

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'I think it’s possible for Roger Federer to come back', says former No.1

2021 was certainly not the year of rebirth for Roger Federer. The former world number 1 hoped to get some more satisfaction, after undergoing two knee surgeries in 2020. The Swiss phenomenon instead played the misery of 13 official matches, with a less than exciting budget of nine wins and four defeats.

His last appearance of him dates back to Wimbledon, where he was clearly beaten by Hurkacz in the quarter-finals. The 20-time Grand Slam champion even suffered a bagel in the third set, which speaks volumes about his current difficulties.

Due to a knee relapse, the King was forced to undergo surgery again and to close his season early. Recently, the 40-year-old from Basel confided that he will resume racing at the beginning of 2022 and training with the racket in March-April.

His return to the ATP tour is expected to take place in the summer of next year (with a big question mark about his presence at Wimbledon). Speaking at Eurosport, seven-time Slam champion Mats Wilander expressed doubts about Federer's competitiveness.

Wilander talks about Roger Federer

“I think it’s possible for Roger Federer to come back. I think if he keeps saying it himself, he obviously has his mind set on coming back. I think the bigger problem is that these guys (the younger generation) are getting really, really good.

[Alexander] Zverev and [Daniil] Medvedev are the guys pushing behind, they are playing huge games of tennis. And of course, Federer has his serve but how big a weapon is a Roger Federer serve compared to let’s say a Zverev or Medvedev serve? I think that’s going to be the reality check.

I don’t think that Roger Federer will play too many matches on Tour,” Wilander claimed. “He realises that he does still have a chance to win – maybe not a Grand Slam, maybe not a final – but three or four matches.

I think it’s worth it for him to come back in his own mind. Reflecting on Roger’s season, he competed at the French Open and came as far as the fourth round. After that, he played at the Wimbledon Championships but lost in the quarterfinal.

He released a video in which he stated that he would be requiring knee surgery. Due to that, he would be out of action for many months. We wish him a speedy recovery. While number 21 seems to be a long shot, fans would be eager just to get a glimpse of the veteran when he decides to return to the courts.