Roger Federer recalls: 'I could not be more excited about facing Rafael Nadal'

Tennis - Roger and Rafa met on February 7 last year in Cape Town in a record-breaking clash

by Jovica Ilic
Roger Federer recalls: 'I could not be more excited about facing Rafael Nadal'

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, two of the most successful players in history, have not played an official match since Wimbledon 2019. Nadal and Federer shared the court in Cape Town on February 7, 2020, embracing the record-breaking "Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal Match In Africa." Never competing in his mother's country before, Roger orchestrated an incredible event with his great rival and friend, hoping to raise more than $1 million for the Roger Federer Foundation that supports early childhood education in six African countries and Switzerland.

Also, the goal was to offer a chance for as many people to watch two legends and challenge the world record attendance. Alongside their regular meetings on the Tour, Roger and Rafa had the opportunity to embrace eight unofficial encounters from the first one in Seoul in November 2006.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met in Cape Town on February 7,2020.

After that, they battled in Mallorca, Zurich, Madrid, Abu Dhabi, Oregon and New Delhi, allowing tennis lovers to enjoy their magic in a more relaxed way than those serious ATP Tour battles that have been among the best in history.

After over four years since their last unofficial match, the time had come for another intriguing encounter between the winners of 39 Major singles titles that also included Bill Gates and South African comedian Trevor Noah.

After this match, Roger took a break from tennis and did not play for 13 months, struggling with a knee injury and undergoing the first out of three surgeries a week after facing Rafa in Cape Town. "I do not know what took me so long, to be quite honest.

I said, 'It's not possible that I'm on tour for 20 years, I've become the player I'm, and I have never played in South Africa. It's just not OK.' I could not live with myself if that happened. You know how it is; life on tour sometimes is what it is.

I could not be more excited now that it's finally happening. I hope I will be fine to play; I believe I'm, but we'll see. Also, it's so exciting to see Rafa is willing to do it. I know my parents are thrilled and very proud. I'm sure it's going to be very special for me on many levels to play there," Roger Federer said.

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