'Roger Federer believes he still has a shot to win', says former Top 5

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'Roger Federer believes he still has a shot to win', says former Top 5

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, two of the most successful players in history, have not played an official match since Wimbledon 2019. Nadal and Federer shared the pitch in Cape Town on February 7, 2020, embracing the record "Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal's Party in Africa " Without first competing in his mother's country, Roger orchestrated an incredible event with his great rival and friend, hoping to raise more than $ 1 million for the Roger Federer organization that supports early childhood education in six African countries and Switzerland.

Additionally, the goal was to provide the opportunity for as many people to see two legends and challenge the world attendance record. In addition to their regular meetings on the Tour, Roger and Rafa had the opportunity to star in eight unofficial meetings since the first in Seoul in November 2006.

After that, they faced off in Mallorca, Zurich, Madrid, Abu Dhabi, Oregon and New Delhi, allowing tennis lovers to enjoy their magic in a more relaxed way than those serious ATP Tour battles that have been among the best.

of history. After more than four years since their last unofficial match, it was time for another intriguing encounter between the winners of 39 major singles titles that also included Bill Gates and South African comedian Trevor Noah.

After this match, Roger took a break from tennis and did not play for 13 months, suffered a knee injury and underwent the first of three surgeries a week after facing Rafa in Cape Town.

Rusedski opens up on Federer

Former World No.

4 Greg Rusedski believes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will have a tough time when they return to the tour due to the rise of young players like Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev. "You’re talking about the younger generation, they’re here now," Rusedski told the Daily Express.

"I mean, out of the big three it’s really the big one left which is Novak who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere quite yet. It’s harder for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal now because Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, those guys are starting to believe.

They’ve come very, very close," he said. During the interview, Rusedski claimed Roger Federer's best shot at winning a 21st Grand Slam title would be at Wimbledon. "Wimbledon as we saw in ’19 he (Roger Federer) had a few match points against Novak," he said.

"This year he didn’t play particularly well at Wimbledon and still made the quarter-finals so if he’s healthy, I think that’s where he believes he still has a shot to win and he wants to win the best titles, he just doesn’t want to make the numbers up so for Roger that’s probably the goal."