Roger Federer recalls: 'I feel incredibly excited, I did not expect..'

Tennis - Roger Federer and Bill Gates defeated Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah in The Match in Africa 6 last year

by Jovica Ilic
Roger Federer recalls: 'I feel incredibly excited, I did not expect..'

The long-expected Match in Africa went on in Cape Town last February, with the crowd of over 50,000 watching two of the greatest players in history having fun on an orange court! Roger Federer and Bill Gates on one side and Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah on the other shared the court at the Cape Town Stadium in front of the record-breaking crowd.

They had a lot of fun and gave the people in the stands something to cheer about ahead of the main match between Federer and Nadal. Playing in front of the South African crowd for the first time, Roger could not hide happiness and excitement, hoping for an incredible evening and feeling proud to have South African origins.

Roger Federer and Bill Gates beat Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah 6-3. It was the third time that Federer and Gates shared the court in The Match in Africa and their third victory, scoring the decisive break in the eighth game on Noah's serve and sealing the deal a few minutes later with a comfortable hold from the Swiss star.

Roger Federer led the last year's Match in Africa 6 in Cape Town.

Trevor Noah was the leading figure, throwing many jokes and chasing every ball while trying to keep his team in contention. In the end, it was not enough to stop the reign of Federer and Gates, but they all had a blast on the court, appreciating every single point and spreading positive energy throughout the tennis world.

Roger and Rafa held in the opening games, and Noah closed the third game with a smash winner before an excellent volley exchange between the 39-time Major champions at the net in game four. Gates made a crucial hold in the seventh game, with him and Roger breaking Noah a few minutes later to gain the advantage before Federer sealed the deal at 5-3 to deliver the victory for his team.

"I feel incredibly excited; I'm so happy at the moment. I'm delighted and proud of my Soth African origins; I spent a lot of my childhood here on vacations. It has been 20 years since my last time in Cape Town; it was worth of wait, and I did not expect this kind of welcome.

South Africa is a beautiful country. I like food, the lifestyle safari, people with warm hearts, you name it. I have never seen Trevor Noah playing tennis; that gives him the advantage, and he has the best partner he could find in Rafa, the ultimate legend of our sport.

It's going to be very special. Bill and I are ready to go; it's going to be so much fun, and thanks to everyone for coming out, from the bottom of my heart," Roger Federer said.

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