'Roger Federer needs to be mentally ready to know...', says former Top 10

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'Roger Federer needs to be mentally ready to know...', says former Top 10

Roger Federer returned to the field in 2021 after more than a year of absence, but was unable to be fully competitive. The former world number 1 has played a measly 13 official matches, with a modest record of nine wins and four losses.

His best result came in Wimbledon, where he pushed himself to the quarters thanks to a not impossible draw. The 20-time Grand Slam champion was clearly beaten by Hubert Hurkacz on Center Court, even scoring a bagel in the third set.

A few weeks later, the King announced that he had to operate on his knee again. Recently, the 40-year-old Swiss confided that he should be back on the ATP tour in summer 2022. His presence at the Championships is unlikely, but we'll know more in the spring.

The Basel veteran will start racing again in January, while he will have to wait until March-April to get the racket back in his hand. During the 'Champions Tennis' show, former ATP number 4 Tomas Berdych analyzed Federer's situation in detail.

Berdych opens up on Federer

"He (Roger Federer) maybe wants to come back on court and maybe make the call and whether he's going to play his last tournament, for his huge fan base around the world, but if he doesn't it's fine," Berdych told Reuters.

"He has nothing to prove so it's down to him how he feels and how he wants to do it at the end of the day." He added that Roger Federer's return will not be easy with the younger generation of players gaining confidence and momentum recently.

"He's going to try to prepare himself as best as possible and he's experienced enough to know that it won't happen at one tournament," he said. "But, without matches and being 40 years old, it'll be very difficult to judge your level.

If you are in the middle of your career and you get injured for six months and you do a good preparation basically you know what's going to happen when you start to play. But I think in this situation he needs to be mentally ready to know that it could be just one match, even if he's done everything possible.

It's not easy and then the young guys will be there and won't give him any favours." Just a few weeks ago, Roger Federer announced his unavailability for the Australian Open 2022. Federer, who suffered from a knee injury at Wimbledon 2021, is still rehabilitating from the necessary surgery. It’s highly unlikely that the 20-time Grand Slam champion will compete at French Open 2022 as well.