Matteo Berrettini recalls getting destroyed by Roger Federer at 2019 Wimbledon

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Matteo Berrettini recalls getting destroyed by Roger Federer at 2019 Wimbledon

World No. 7 Matteo Berrettini suffered one of the worst defeats of his career when he clashed Roger Federer at 2019 Wimbledon but he has no regrets as the experience from that match helped him a lot going forward. Berrettini, who grew up idolizing Federer, couldn't believe he was playing his idol on Wimbledon's Centre Court as the Swiss claimed a dominant 6-1 6-2 6-2 win.

Berrettini returned to Wimbledon this year and made his maiden Grand Slam final before losing to Novak Djokovic. “At Wimbledon against Federer my hands were sweating but I was really happy to be able to live that experience.

I made people laugh at how I played, but that match helped me a lot for the next big events," Berrettini said on the Cachemire podcast, as revealed by Matteo Mosciatti.

Berrettini called Federer the ambassador of tennis


I admire the example he sets and the time he spends playing tennis off the court. I feel like he understands that he has the power to have a influence on the world. Whether it's doing some charity event or working hard tough on the ATP Players Council.

He uses the sport and its popularity to impact as many lives as he can in a very positive way," Berrettini said of Federer back in October. Berrettini was a huge Federer fan as a kid. "I grew up watching Roger Federer and always cheering for him.

I supported him as much as I could, watching him on TV every time he played. Then I realized that I was playing the same tournament as him. So I couldn't support him in the same way anymore. I have told this story to Roger because now we get along so well on the Tour.

I think that's why the first time we met on Center Court at Wimbledon he destroyed me, because I couldn't believe I was still there. playing against my idol on one of the most iconic courts on the Tour," Berrettini explained.