'I'm not saying Roger Federer was the best but...', says former star

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'I'm not saying Roger Federer was the best but...', says former star

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic continue to be sources of inspiration for fans and colleagues. The Big 3 are currently paired with 20 Slams each, after the Serbian has closed the gap thanks to his crazy 2021.

The world number 1 has won three majors this year, as well as having touched the legendary 'Calendar Grand Slam' Fatigue and tension prevented him from doing his best in the final of the US Open, also thanks to a Daniil Medvedev in a state of grace.

This season has not given as much satisfaction to Roger and Rafa, whose appearances have been limited by a series of physical problems. The Swiss has undergone knee surgery for the third time in the last 18 months, while the Spaniard is preparing to return to the pitch at the Abu Dhabi exhibition in mid-December.

The 35-year-old from Manacor will then fly to Melbourne for the Australian Open, where he hopes to repeat the triumph he achieved back in 2009. In the course of a long interview with MARCA, former ATP number 4 Robin Soderling addressed the issue relating to the GOAT.

Soderling on facing Roger Federer

"I think it depends on which player you like the most," Soderling said. "What is evident is that they are the three best of all time and the most impressive thing is that they have coincided in time.

It has been very difficult for the rest to make room for us," he added. "I remember when I was the fourth of the world and I had to face them. Having all three of them has been very good for promoting our sport."

Robin Soderling famously became one of only two players to defeat Rafael Nadal at the French Open in 2009, when he reached the final against Roger Federer. The Swede had an excellent season that year, reaching the quarterfinals at the US Open and the semifinals at the ATP Finals.

"I'm not saying he was the best, but the most uncomfortable for my game was Roger Federer," the Swede said. "His style didn't suit my tennis." Just a few weeks ago, Roger Federer announced his unavailability for the Australian Open 2022.

Federer, who suffered from a knee injury at Wimbledon 2021, is still rehabilitating from the necessary surgery. It’s highly unlikely that the 20-time Grand Slam champion will compete at French Open 2022 as well. Roger Federer will be hoping to return for his favorite Major, the Wimbledon Championships. How excited are you to witness Roger Federer back on the tour?