'He looks more like Roger Federer', says ATP star

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'He looks more like Roger Federer', says ATP star

2021 gave Novak Djokovic a lot of satisfaction, but also some disappointments. The number 1 in the world has won three majors this year and has targeted the legendary 'Calendar Grand Slam' Should he triumph at the US Open, the Serbian phenomenon would have become the second man in the Open Era after Rod Laver to win all four Grand Slams in the same year.

His dream was shattered against Daniil Medvedev in the final, also thanks to the fatigue that hit poor Nole one step away from the finish line. In addition to having reached Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at 20 Grand Slams, the 34-year-old from Belgrade finished the season at the top of the ATP ranking for the seventh time in his career (thus detaching his idol Pete Sampras).

Novak was unable to win either the Tokyo Olympics gold medal or the ATP Finals, having been beaten by Alexander Zverev on both occasions. Host of a podcast in German (translated by journalist Jannick Schneider), Mischa Zverev analyzed the room for improvement of his brother Sascha.

Mischa Zverev on his brother Sascha

“Sascha has a lot of potential to grow as a player. Djokovic is 34 years old. His style of play is very mature. It's not as if Djokovic can still improve a lot, or that he can get much faster on the court.

Medvedev plays very, very good tennis. He does a lot of good things, in terms of playing style, tactics, technique. Of course I could be wrong, but when I watch Medvedev's tennis he is also very mature. When I watch Sascha, there is still a lot of things he can improve: the preparation for the game, the tactics, the way of handling the big points.

There is not one thing that is most urgent, but for example we have to be careful with Sascha's position on the baseline. You need different positions against different players. It depends on how the opponent plays, flat or spinning.

Medvedev and Djokovic do it so well. They always find the right distance from the opponent. Sascha, I have a feeling he looks more like Roger Federer. He likes to take his position on the court and play his game. But sometimes, if that doesn't work, he has to change positions faster" - Mischa Zverev stated.

As the 2021 season is soon to end, the focus is already on the new season and specifically the Australian Open 2022. Whenever the new season is about to begin, players step up their preparation with an eye on the first Grand Slam event of the year.