Dmitry Tursunov doubts Roger Federer will ever again win Grand Slam

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Dmitry Tursunov doubts Roger Federer will ever again win Grand Slam

Former Russian tennis player Dmitry Tursunov has tipped Novak Djokovic to win more Grand Slams, while he can't say the same for Roger Federer. Djokovic, 34, captured three Grand Slam titles in 2021 and finished runner-up at the US Open.

On the other side, Federer underwent a third knee surgery in the past year and a half. “I find it hard to assume that Novak won't win another Grand Slam. Roger has very little chance of winning another Major, given his age, style of play and condition.

Rafa's game is too energy intensive, he plays every match like it's the last. Considering his age and health, this is a disadvantage. Although over the years he changed his game: he became more aggressive, stopped going too far behind the back line.

The three complement each other. Djokovic has become such a strong player thanks to Federer and Nadal. He tried to find ways to surpass them, and he relied on physical preparation," Tursunov told Russian site Vedomostisport, as revealed on We Love Tennis.

Federer, Djokovic helped Tomas Berdych

Former world No. 4 Berdych never won a Grand Slam as he finished runner-up to Rafael Nadal in the 2010 Wimbledon final. Berdych, who retired in 2019, enjoyed a good career despite never winning a Grand Slam and he credited Federer, Djokovic and Nadal for his success as he said they were the ones that were pushing him to work hard.

"I'm a very realistic person, I take things black and white. The main reason I actually think I was so successful was because of those guys because they bring the level so high that if you don't squeeze enough out of yourself, you have no chance to compete with them," Berdych explained.

"It goes hand in hand, maybe if I was playing these days and the level was not that high, who knows? This kind of hypothetical judgement is difficult to say. Probably yes."