Grigor Dimitrov recalls his 'happiness after Baby Fed nickname died

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Grigor Dimitrov recalls his 'happiness after Baby Fed nickname died

Grigor Dimitrov admitted he was "very happy" after the "Baby Fed" nickname died. Dimitrov was compared to Federer early on in his career and it put a lot of pressure on him. "I appreciated it so much at the beginning. But then with time, I was like, "Come on, it's getting old," Dimitrov told Alize Lim on Tennis Majors, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

Dimitrov acknowledged he and Federer to have sorts of similarities but added they play so differently. "Yes, we have some sorts of similarities, but we're totally different and we play so differently," Dimitrov said. "I thought I'd proved myself over the years to be a completely different player than he is.

That's why I was very happy that this nickname died," Dimitrov added.

Dimitrov has grest respect for Federer

"Roger Federer is a very good role model, and I always try to look up to him," Dimitrov said. "He's been the role model in our sport itself and I think you can learn a lot from him." Federer was temperamental at the start of his career but that changed as he became one of the most calm and collected players on the court.

"He used to be rebel from what I heard, when he was at a younger age. But for me, I think I've kept that still in my personality," Dimitrov said. Dimitrov didn't win a title this year but he recorded a 100th win at the Masters level.

"Having reached 100 wins in the Masters 1000 series means a lot to me. I did not know it until the end of the match, when it was mentioned to me. It is amazing and I only get words of thanks for everyone who they accompanied me on this path.

I am very lucky and especially knowing about the difficult years and the injuries I had. I really appreciate it," Dimitrov said after beating Hubert Hurkacz in the Indian Wells Masters quarterfinal.