'I remember hearing Roger Federer at the Australian Open...', says Webber

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'I remember hearing Roger Federer at the Australian Open...', says Webber

Roger Federer has encountered a lot of difficulties in the past two seasons. Advancing age and injuries have significantly reduced his appearances on the pitch, so much so that numerous experts have advised him to end his legendary career.

The former world number 1 only played in the Australian Open in 2020, before undergoing two operations on his right knee. It hasn't gone much better this year, as the Swiss player has played just 13 official matches (with a record of nine wins and four losses).

After being eliminated in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has announced that he will have to operate on his knee again following a relapse. The 40-year-old from Basel will resume racing at the beginning of 2022, while to see him again on tour we will have to wait until the summer.

His presence at Wimbledon is in strong doubt, as Roger himself admitted a few weeks ago. During an interview with Channel 4, former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber drew a parallel between Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton. As everyone knows, the British rider was duped by Max Verstappen in the last GP of 2021.

Mark Webber on Roger Federer

“I still think it will be Mercedes and Red Bull, by the way [on top in 2022],” Mark Webber told Channel 4. “Hamilton, no question about it, he will be in for a big chance of going again next year." The 45-year-old Aussie reckons that Hamilton's speech after his defeat resonated similar vibes.

It made him believe that the Brit, too, might be giving retirement a thought. “What was interesting though, I remember hearing Roger Federer at the Australian Open one year saying borderline ‘I might see you next year," Webber said.

“There was a little bit… Lewis on the end of his quote said ‘we’ll see about next year,' he added. "So who knows where his head is right now”. The following is what Lewis Hamilton had said to the media following his heartbreaking defeat to Max Verstappen.

"A big congratulations to Max and his team," Hamilton said. "I think we did an amazing job this year. My team worked so hard this whole year, it's been the most difficult of seasons. We gave it everything and never gave up and that's the most important thing," he added.

"I've felt great in the car in the past couple of months. We're still in the pandemic and I just want everyone to stay safe and spend Christmas with their families. We'll see about next year."