Mark Petchey explains why he's not surprised Roger Federer lasted so long on Tour

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Mark Petchey explains why he's not surprised Roger Federer lasted so long on Tour

Former British tennis player Mark Petchey witnessed Roger Federer practicing and that's why he is not surprised with the fact that the Swiss has lasted so long on the Tour. Federer, 40, underwent two knee surgeries last year but still managed to make the Wimbledon quarterfinal.

"Watching Roger Federer train on a daily basis and looking at the hard work Federer puts in, there's not one minute of practice that was light-hearted," Petchey said during his appearance on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

"I looked at that and thought, 'that's why you have lasted as long as you have, and that's why you are as great as you are'"

'Federer has the talent and the willingness to work hard'

Federer is one of the most talented players ever in tennis history but his willingness to work hard has been a major factor in him being an all-time great.

"For me, personally, talent is the first and foremost. The hard work, the mental toughness, the strategy - all of those things can be learnt. But you can't learn talent," Petchey said. "Part of their greatness is the talent, but their dominance and longevity has come from everything else they've had - the desire and the hard work." Petchey also spoke Andy Murray, saying the former world No.

1 always gives his absolute best no matter what he is doing. "Andy Murray wants to dot every i and cross every t," Petchey said. "Whether it is practice, whether it is training, whether it is anything it is competitive and it has to be done at 100% of the best of everyone's ability." Murray ultimately became a three-time Grand Slam champion but his first Major title came at the age of 25.

"What he showed me is that there are no shortcuts to ultimate success," Petchey said. "It is just a volume of hard work and smart work."

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