Top coach reveals why Roger Federer so special

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Top coach reveals why Roger Federer so special

When you find yourself having to make predictions about who aspires to the most important trophies of a season, you cannot fail to consider the usual suspects, that is, those who occupy the first positions of the ATP ranking.

Novak Djokovic above all, being number 1, and obviously also Daniil Medvedev who follows him. There are those like Craig Boynton, then, who add a fully recovered Rafael Nadal and (listen, hear this) Roger Federer. Interviewed by Sportskeeda, in fact, Hubert Hurkacz's coach - whom Federer beat him and quite clearly at Wimbledon - brings the Swiss champion back into the circle of candidates to win a Grand Slam.

Provided, of course, that in the field he can demonstrate an acceptable condition, of course. The word of the experts is always to be taken seriously, although not making it absolute but placing it in context. That's why we need to trust Craig Boynton's forecasts for 2022, who today coaches Hurkacz but who has followed the likes of Jim Courier - former world number 1 - Mardy Fish and John Isner, as well as having led the US national team for a year.

and a half. And Boynton, in view of next season, expressed himself in these terms about the contenders for the big titles: “I think you can put the players in a couple of groups. There are favorites to win any kind of big event, like Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and a healthy Rafael Nadal.

Roger Federer, I don't know for sure. We'll see when Roger comes back and how much he plays. After that - he continued - [there] is a very close group of about eight guys, including Hubi [Hurkacz], who are right there, or who are getting there: I won't be surprised if one of these eight to twelve guys wins a Grand Slam.

or the big tournaments next year."

Petchey talks about Federer

Mark Petchey, a well-known tennis commentator and former coach of Andy Murray, recently talked about the importance that players like Roger Federer attach to training.

Petchey revealed that when he watched Federer practice, he could instantly make out why the Swiss is so special. "Watching Roger Federer train on a daily basis and looking at the hard work Federer puts in, there's not one minute of practice that was light-hearted," Petchey said.

"I looked at that and thought, 'that's why you have lasted as long as you have, and that's why you are as great as you are'" He was quick to add that talent alone wouldn't have been enough for their sustained dominance; they also needed an insatiable desire to succeed and improve.

"For me, personally, talent is the first and foremost. The hard work, the mental toughness, the strategy - all of those things can be learnt. But you can't learn talent," Petchey said. "Part of their greatness is the talent, but their dominance and longevity has come from everything else they've had - the desire and the hard work."