'Roger Federer played for ages', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer played for ages', says ATP ace

Roger Federer has been a role model for many athletes, who have decided to be inspired by him to extend their careers. The Swiss phenomenon remained competitive for an incredibly long period of time, even managing to return to the top of the ATP rankings in 2018.

The last two seasons have been quite complicated for the 40-year-old from Basel, struggling with a serious right knee injury. Suffice it to say that the 20-time Grand Slam champion played the misery of 13 official matches last year (collecting nine wins and four losses).

After a heavy beating in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, the former world number 1 announced that he has suffered a knee relapse and is undergoing surgery for the third time in the last 18 months. The King should make his return in the summer of 2022, with the intention of giving himself a last round of the joust before hanging up his racket.

Roger had to greet the Top 10 for the first time since 2017, yet another testimony of the end of an era. In a lengthy interview with 'AAP', John Millman analyzed Federer's extraordinary longevity.

Millman on Roger Federer

"At my age, probably this year I have decided not to take it for granted when the body's good," Millman told AAP.

"I keep getting told, 'take a look at Roger Federer." However, Millman reckons Federer's longevity is impossible to emulate. "I don't think Roger's done favors to any tennis player," he added. "He's had the injury bugs the last couple of seasons but the guy played for ages, for bloody forever.

10 years ago, if you said guys would still be in their prime at 31, 32, 33, 34, they would have laughed at you. I remember when (Andre) Agassi was running around at 34 and people thought he was a little bit crazy and then he played the US Open final at 35," Millman continued.

"This is my point. Some of these guys have opened up that door to make it seem the norm, but it doesn't get any easier. That's the reality. Especially with my type of tennis, it's a physical brand of tennis." Coming to tennis, the Australian Open 2022 is set on the 17th of January and will end on the 30th of January.

We wish all players the best of luck for the upcoming tournaments lined up. Roger Federer and John Millman have faced each other four times on tour. The first time they played each other was in 2015, when Millman was 25 and Federer was 33. The 20-time Major champion won the match in three sets.