Roger Federer recalls: 'My results at Majors are disappointing'

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Roger Federer recalls: 'My results at Majors are disappointing'

Roger Federer reached his first Masters 1000 final in Miami 2002, losing to Andre Agassi in four sets and making a good start in Florida a year later. Roger took down Luis Horna 6-2, 7-5 in the second round, dominating the opener and earning a late break in the second to seal the deal before a tie break and advance into the third round.

Roger had the most wins on the ATP Tour in 2003 up to that point, playing well after a slow start in Sydney and Dubai and hoping for more in the rest of the season. Asked about his results at Majors, the young Swiss stated he was disappointed with his run at the most notable events in 2002, failing to reach the quarter-final or, even worse, score a win at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Roger's first great results at Majors came at the mentioned two events in 2001 when he played in the last eight in Paris and London. In the fourth round, Federer defeated the seven-time Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras in thrilling five sets before falling to Tim Henman in a battle for the semis.

Roger could not keep that pace 12 months later and was eager to improve that in 2003, seeking the necessary boost at the Masters 1000 tournaments and a proper form during those Major weeks.

Roger Federer wished to raise his level at Majors in 2003.

"I'm disappointed with my Major results, especially in 2002.

I also missed a chance at this year's Australian Open. The only thing missing in my game is the results at Majors. I can work hard and play well at smaller events to gain a confidence boost that would carry me towards deep runs at the most notable tournaments.

People accuse me of not showing what I'm capable of, but they can only say that about Majors. I have shown it in other events, and that's up to the people to make up their minds. Every year, I'm still learning new things: making my schedule and picking the right events to play.

I usually like to embrace a couple of matches coming into Majors, especially ahead of the Australian Open, because it's the beginning of the season. There are Masters tournaments ahead of Roland Garros, and I have one event before Wimbledon, heading to London earlier to practice and prepare. Hopefully, good things will happen in the rest of the season," Roger Federer said.