Paul Annacone: Roger Federer is so good at evaluating, not having rush to judgement

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Paul Annacone: Roger Federer is so good at evaluating, not having rush to judgement

Former American tennis player Paul Annacone described Roger Federer as "amazing" from the beginning. Annacone used to work with 20-time Grand Slam champion and judging by his comments he had a great time with the Swiss.

"Roger was amazing from the beginning," Annacone said, per Sportskeeda. "The first day we walked on the court in Zurich, he was hitting balls and after 10 minutes he said 'Okay, what do you wanna do?' and I was like 'It's that simple, I just tell you what to do and you do it?" "He goes 'Well, maybe not that simple because if it's something I don't believe in then I'm going to ask you why.

I'm going to ask you why; when I was a kid they used to call me the 'why-man' because I always wanted to know why we were doing stuff. But if it makes sense, yeah, we'll do it."

Annacone was amazed by Federer's willingness to listen

"I could not believe how receptive he was, to ideas, philosophies, even stuff that he didn't really (like)," Annacone added.

"This is why he's one of - I think he is one of the most unique human beings. I've never been around anyone that's that successful that's so willing to listen." Annacone said Federer is someone who never rushes to decision and always takes his time.

"He is so good at taking a step back and a breath and evaluating and not having a rush to judgement," Annacone added. "He lets things digest and he lets things simmer so he can figure them out pragmatically.

He is one of the best people - Pete was awesome at that too but in a very different way." Federer underwent a knee surgery in August and he is expected to miss the first part of the season. Federer recently revealed there is no guarantee he will be even ready for Wimbledon.