Nick Kyrgios: I can't be a once-in-a-generation athlete like Roger Federer

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Nick Kyrgios: I can't be a once-in-a-generation athlete like Roger Federer

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios admitted that he hasn't been the best role model throughout his career and added that he is not "once-in-a-generation athlete" like Roger Federer. After Kyrgios won his Australian Open doubles quarterfinal match, he said "I'm not finished, I want to win this f------ thing."

"I know that over the years I haven't been the best role model, but I was just learning how to deal with everything," Kyrgios said, per ABC. "I think now at 26 I have matured, and I've definitely realised that a lot of young kids and people, even people that are low on confidence, they do look towards us when we go out there.

"We are not special people. We're normal humans that you might see walking in Australia, and we are now in the semi-finals of a grand slam."

Kyrgios: We have been around in some dark times

"In Thanasi's case and me, we have been around in some dark times," Kyrgios continued.

"I guess tennis has always had personalities, and they have just really struggled to understand that there are different ways to go about it. "You've got Roger Federer and these guys that are just once-in-a-generation athletes, I can't be like that."

After making the semifinal, Kyrgios said he is playing for the people of Australia because he wants to put the joy on their faces. “This Aus Open, honestly, I think for us it's more about the people, playing for them is more important than our doubles success,” said Kyrgios.

“We haven't drawn up any goals of what we want to achieve this year in doubles. I just want to play and give the people of Australia and the Australian Open a show and genuinely try and grow the sport of tennis. That's why I'm playing. I know Thanasi is just enjoying it. This is the most fun we've ever had on the court”.