Mats Wilander: Ashleigh Barty will take the game to another level, like Roger Federer

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Mats Wilander: Ashleigh Barty will take the game to another level, like Roger Federer

Former seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander has tipped world No. 1 Ashleigh Barty to win more Grand Slam following her Australian Open victory. Barty, now a three-time Grand Slam champion, lacks only an US Open title to complete a Career Grand Slam.

“She can win many more because she can win all four of them [the Grand Slams],” Wilander said on Eurosport. “I don’t see a style that’s going to bother her, I don’t see a surface that bothers her.

“I would put her in to play for me any day because I know I’m going to get the best Barty on the day that you can get. “She’s going to problem solve, she’s going to have that serve, a sliced backhand.

She’s the total package for me. She can win 10 more Grand Slams in my book”.

Wilander compares Barty to Roger Federer

Wilander thinks Barty will lift the game to another level, just like Federer did. “She’s going to take the women’s game to the next level,” continued Wilander.

“Just like Roger Federer did. You would have to come out and beat Roger Federer off the court because he’s going to try and make you feel absolutely miserable. Ash Barty, this is it. “This was not a great match today, nor was it a bad match.

This was Ash Barty to me. And if you’re Naomi Osaka watching this, you’ve got to come out with some serious weapons and variety or you’re not beating Ash Barty. So I think she’s going to push the level up.

“Another thing, I love that she talks about her opponents so much. In the women’s game we’ve kind of gone away from that a little bit and ‘I’m going to play my game’. Ash Barty plays the game that doesn’t suit her opponent and that’s the sign of a great champion to me”.