'Whatever makes Roger Federer happy is what...', says legend

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'Whatever makes Roger Federer happy is what...', says legend
'Whatever makes Roger Federer happy is what...', says legend (Provided by Tennis World USA)

A series of physical problems have prevented Roger Federer from playing consistently over the past two years. The former world number 1 played just 13 official matches in 2021, racking up nine wins and four losses. The round of 16 at Roland Garros and the quarterfinals at Wimbledon were his best seasonal results, a far too meager booty for a champion of his caliber.

The Swiss had to operate on his right knee for the third time in the last 18 months, a further stop that didn't prompt him to think about retiring. The 40-year-old from Basel has recently resumed training and is expected to return to the tour this summer.

His presence at the Championships is anything but obvious, as Roger himself admitted some time ago. The 20-time Grand Slam champion had to say goodbye to the Top 10 for the first time since 2017, a clear testimony of the end of an era.

Speaking to Eurosport, John McEnroe said he would love to see Federer back on the pitch.

Federer has been missing from the Tour since Wimbledon

Tennis legend John McEnroe recently said he would love to see Roger Federer get back to the court soon.

He also heaped praise on the Swiss' style of play, calling him the "most beautiful player" he has ever seen. "It goes without saying that anytime we are at an event where Roger is not playing we miss him," McEnroe said. "He is the classiest player and the most beautiful player I have seen on a court.

As a fan I would love to see Roger around. As far as the future, he's 40 years old," McEnroe said. "He’s had numerous surgeries on his knee, there’s a lot of wear and tear, it would be unbelievable if he could come back and get close to the level that he was at.

I thought the same thing five years ago when I was coaching [Milos] Raonic and Roger walked off after the Wimbledon semi-finals [in 2016] and was limping and didn’t play for six months. Then he won the Australian Open.

He's pulled off the improbable before but this would be the most amazing of all if he was to win another Wimbledon," McEnroe said. "Whatever makes him happy is what he deserves. If he wants to play we will be happy he is playing, but I don’t want to see Roger at 80 per cent.

We have seen that with [Andy] Murray and it’s not easy. You want to see the top guys play at their best." Since the Australian Open 2020, Roger has barely played any tennis. He had to undergo a double knee surgery in 2020, which kept him away from the scenes for the majority of the season. Federer made a comeback in Doha last year but only made a handful of appearances after that.

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