Roger Federer: 'The last few years have definitely shown me how...'

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Roger Federer: 'The last few years have definitely shown me how...'

His intent does not change: to recover slowly from the long injury, also taking a little more time than expected to avoid new complications, and return to the field soon with the hope of being competitive and giving himself the last satisfactions of a splendid career.

Roger Federer wants to rejoin the ranks of the ATP circuit, given that his last appearance dates back to the 2021 edition of Wimbledon, a tournament in which he was among the protagonists even though he stopped in the quarter-finals.

The Swiss, after a few weeks in the spotlight, has released new statements regarding how the work continues to get back in shape soon. In an interview conducted with the sponsor Credit Suisse, also taken up by the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Basel native did not express such reassuring words about the current condition and recovery times: "I think the situation will be clearer around the month of April.

Only then will I be able to know where my body really is. Up to now I haven't tried running yet, I can't do hard exercises like jumps, starts and stops suddenly. I hope to be able to start in a couple of weeks and then we will see how my body reacts: this is obviously what I need to be able to get back on the pitch," he said.

There are still many unknowns: "Only in April or May will I be able to say whether I will be back on the pitch this year," he revealed. From these words we can perceive how the optimistic hypothesis of seeing the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles again this year on London grass is very far away and complicated at this moment."

Federer on recovering from a serious knee injury

Speaking with Credit Suisse, Roger Federer expressed his thoughts on a myriad of topics, which included him transitioning from being on the road all the time to taking up a more active role as a stay-at-home dad.

"The last few years have definitely shown me how it could be, how to manage a sort of slower life... because I actually feel very, very busy [nowadays]," Roger Federer said. "I wake up earlier than ever because my body doesn't need as much rest as it used to.

I actually have more time on my hands when I wake up at 7 o' clock in the morning. I wanna remain curious and really learn, you know.... just working hard, but still enjoy the process. The transition will be an interesting one, my life will be different, the carpet will be pulled from under my legs sometimes, you know?" he added.

"Maybe I see it easier than it will be, but I'm very confident about it and that's not because I don't want to come back. We'll see how it will be."