Roger Federer discusses wife's advice and wanting to be there for his kids

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Roger Federer discusses wife's advice and wanting to be there for his kids

20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer suggested the last few years have showed him how his life could look like when he retires. Federer has spent a lot of time at home in the last two years as he underwent two knee surgeries in 2020 and a third last year.

"The last few years have definitely shown me how it could be, how to manage a sort of slower life... because I actually feel very, very busy [nowadays]," Federer said in his interview with Credit Suisse, according to Sportskeeda.

"I wake up earlier than ever because my body doesn't need as much rest as it used to. I actually have more time on my hands when I wake up at 7 o' clock in the morning. I wanna remain curious and really learn, you know....

just working hard, but still enjoy the process. "The transition will be an interesting one, my life will be different, the carpet will be pulled from under my legs sometimes, you know? Maybe I see it easier than it will be, but I'm very confident about it and that's not because I don't want to come back.

We'll see how it will be."

Federer wants to be there for his kids

Federer is set to turn 41 this summer and family is his main focus at this stage of his life. However, Federer hasn't ruled out a potential comeback.

"My wife has told me don't jump from one to the next, if you want to retire, make time, you know? See what you do, there will be opportunities, and my kids are at a very important age right now, boys are seven, girls are twelve," Federer said.

"And I wanna be there, you know? To support them as a dad, I feel I've been there so, so much and I don't have any regrets when it comes to that."