'It will be challenging for Roger Federer to make...', says former star

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'It will be challenging for Roger Federer to make...', says former star

During the recent history of tennis, all fans of this sport have let themselves be involved in the great and eternal challenge on the so-called GOAT, the best tennis player of all time. In the last twenty years we have witnessed an extraordinary story that has seen the Big Three as protagonists, namely Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal with the latter who a few days ago detached the other two to twenty Slams and won the twenty-first Slam of the his extraordinary career.

Once again the fans of the three 'tenors' of the tennis world have divided over who is better and it seems that this debate will not end soon. The blue tennis player, one of the most experienced on the circuit, Fabio Fognini, did not speak of this in particular but of his opinion on the Big Three.

The Ligurian told the Gazzetta dello Sport about his feelings and preferences for the best. Speaking to the rosy, the tennis player spoke like this: "No offense to Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic (of whom he is also a friend) but I am a great fan of Roger Federer.

If I have to buy a ticket, I buy it to see Roger "The blue then praised Rafael Nadal, returning from a great success in Australia and an extraordinary comeback in the final: the Spaniard recovered in the final from two sets of disadvantage and has so beat the Russian Daniil Medvedev.

Here are his words: "Rafa is an incredible fighter, it is difficult to find the words to describe what he has done, but without a doubt these are those feats that only great champions can achieve." Now the appointment for the challenge between the Big Three is for Roland Garros where Roger Federer, unless there are sensational twists, shouldn't be there, but there will almost certainly be Novak Djokovic, returning after the paradoxical situation that saw him at the end excluded from Australia and in the crosshairs of all world criticism for the choice not to vaccinate with the vaccine for Covid-19.

Henin talks about Federer

Tennis great Justine Henin feels it will be "very difficult" for Roger Federer to win another Grand Slam title if he returns from his latest knee surgery. The seven-time Major champion believes the Swiss has nothing left to prove, however, as he has already "made history" alongside rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

"We will see and we all hope, but we also know it is going to be very difficult," Henin said. "It doesn’t change anything at the end, does it? They (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) made history and one day they will stop.

That is the only [thing] we know. They will stop tennis one day. I hope they (the Big 3) are going to stay in shape," Henin continued. "I wouldn’t like to see them in big trouble and hope they can be still competitive when they play, and I think they have this [in] them.

When you won so many Grand Slams, I think you are such an amazing competitor. So, if they come back it is because they have the feeling they can do something and with Roger, it is still too early to say."