Aslan Karatsev: I admire Roger Federer the most, the way he plays is another level

Karatsev never played with Federer but practiced with him a couple of times.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aslan Karatsev: I admire Roger Federer the most, the way he plays is another level

Russian tennis star Aslan Karatsev reveals Roger Federer is the player he admires the most. Karatsev, 28, never clashed Federer on the ATP Tour but he practiced with the Swiss a few times. Karatsev played in Pune last week, where he suffered a shock loss to Elias Ymer in his opener at the tournament.

"I would go with Roger Federer. Because he showed fantastic tennis even in this age. I was practicing with him a couple of times. Still, the way how he plays, how he feels the ball, and how he moves is something another level," Karatsev said in Pune, when asked which player he admires the most.

Karatsev on his best moment

Karatsev drew the attention to himself last year when he made the Australian Open semifinal as a qualifier.

"I think reaching the semi-finals of the Australian Open last year," Karatsev said, when asked about his best moment. In Pune, Karatsev was also asked to give his thoughts on Daniil Medvedev voicing his frustration over the lack of support he received in the Australian Open final.

Medvedev, who was beaten by Rafael Nadal in five sets in the Australian Open final, voiced his displeasure during the match and later in his press conference. However, Karatsev thought it was "normal" that the majority of the crowd supported Nadal.

"I think for me it's pretty normal (fans supporting Nadal), Nadal has just made his comeback and didn't play for almost half a year, of course fans will support him. He's coming back from injury and the same thing happens if you play against Roger (Federer).....

so yeah I know it can be disturbing when fans try to distract you while serving and all, but I think sooner or later Daniil will realise that and move on," Karatsev said. "The same thing happened with me (not getting supported or being booed from the crowd) but you cannot do anything like telling the fans 'c'mon you support me', that would not make sense."

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