Marc Rosset: Like Roger Federer said, a great champion can never be underestimated

The tennis world is hoping Federer makes a return this year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Marc Rosset: Like Roger Federer said, a great champion can never be underestimated

Former Swiss tennis star Marc Rosset says he is unsure if and when will Roger Federer come back but acknowledged that a great champion should never be underestimated. Federer, 40, underwent two knee surgeries in 2020. Federer made his comeback last year but played only five events before deciding to undergo another knee surgery.

Federer was 39 and coming off two knee surgeries when he made the Wimbledon quarterfinal last year. Federer, who underwent a third knee surgery last August, could make his comeback in the second part of this season. “I can't comment on Roger Federer, I don't know.

As he said in his congratulatory message to Rafa, a great champion should not be underestimated, they are capable of coming back, Federer achieved that feat well in 2017 in Australia," Rosset told RTS, according to Tennis Up To Date.

The message Federer posted about Nadal's Melbourne win

Federer and Nadal have formed one of the greatest tennis rivalries but off the court they have a good relationship. After Nadal won the Australian Open and claimed a record 21st Grand Slam title, Federer was one of the first that congratulated Nadal.

“What a match! To my friend and great rival Rafael Nadal. Heartfelt congratulations on becoming the first man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. A few months ago we were joking about both being on crutches. Amazing. Never underestimate a great champion," Federer wrote on his Instagram Story.

“Your incredible work ethic, dedication and fighting spirit are an inspiration to me and countless others around the world. I am proud to share this era with you and honoured to play a role in pushing you to achieve more, as you have done for me for the past 18 years.

I am sure you have more achievements ahead but for now enjoy this one!” Hopefully Federer makes a return this year and gives the game one last shot.

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