Roger Federer: 'I came up with some great shots'

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Roger Federer: 'I came up with some great shots'

In the past two years he has had to go through a radical change in his life. First the pandemic and then several injuries hampered his career and now Roger Federer, having crossed the threshold of forty, is now in the final phase of his career.

Nobody knows the date of his return, the hope of the Swiss is to return for Wimbledon and right on the London grass, in the tournament that made him great, there could be the last farewell of the Swiss champion. Up to now Roger has not yet talked about the retirement but given the situation it is understood that we are on the verge of an extraordinary career.

Roger, a legend of the sport, spoke to Credit Suisse, one of his historical sponsors, and explained how his life has changed in these two traumatic years. The Swiss tennis player said: "Over the past two years I have tasted what my life could be like after retirement.

I tried to be as busy as possible, I always wake up around 7 in the morning because my body does not need rest like. it happened in the past. I enjoyed this process of change, my four children now have an age that I love to be next to them.

I have supported them a lot as a dad, I feel I have spent the right time with them and I have no regrets. Mirka? My wife has been one of the keys to my longevity, but not only her, I don't want to forget all the coaches I have had throughout my career.

I have always been very motivated and this is why I have been at the top for so long, I know very well that my career is ending but I would like to have a little more fun."

Federer recalls his triumph at the 2018 AO

In a recent interview with Eurosport Tennis, Roger Federer revealed he considers his 2017 Australian Open triumph one of the three most important victories of his career.

"[The 2017 Australian Open] was my victory just as I was on the comeback. That was something so ultra-special. Definitely top three in my life, as a tennis moment for me," Federer said. "This is so high up there because it came so unexpectedly, and it was against Rafa in the final.

It just had everything. At the end, the moment showed what it meant to me, and still today. It was very, very special." Roger Federer also recalled his triumph at the 2018 Australian Open, where he defended his title with a 6-2, 6-7(5), 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 victory over Marin Cilic in the final.

"[In the 2018 Australian Open] I was able to defend my title in five sets against Marin Cilic, a great guy. I won my sixth Australian Open, I was so happy. I played great tennis throughout the tournament and I came up with some great shots," the Swiss said.

"It was great. I think, if I am not mistaken, this was the last time I won a Grand Slam, so it's time again to do it!"