'The thought of possibly beating Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

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'The thought of possibly beating Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

The expectation for Roger Federer's return to the fields is getting higher and higher. The last appearance of the 20-time slam champion now dates back to the quarter-final match played at Wimbledon last year, when Federer suffered yet another knee injury that forced him to undergo a third surgery.

The Swiss has slipped to 30th position in the world rankings but at this point the important thing for Roger is to fully recover from the injury in order to make one last triumphal return to the tour at the ripe old age of 40.

Federer has also confirmed his presence at the Laver Cup this year, where he will team up with his friend and opponent of many battles Rafael Nadal, exalting all fans of the idea of ​​being able to once again witness the duo Fedal in action.

Regarding Federer's return to the field, the president of the ATP Andrea Gaudenzi also expressed himself, speaking to Eurosport, underlining the importance of every single moment that the Swiss will dedicate to this sport, defining it as a precious gift for all fans.

The ATP president has expressed hope for Roger Federer's possible return to the pitch this year, who will make a final decision on his future in April based on his fitness. “Roger is over 40 years old. Every match he plays from now on will be a gift to us.

Obviously we can't wait for him to be back on the tour, but he's taking his time after the operations he underwent. We are crossing our fingers,” Gaudenzi told Eurosport. The 20-time Swiss slam champion had given an interview with Credit Suisse (his sponsor) in which he explained that his intention is to return to the field, but that we will have to wait a few more months to be sure, since the doctors have recommended.

Fritz on Roger Federer

In a recent interview with CultureMap Dallas, Taylor Fritz recounted his experience of facing Roger Federer for the first time. "It is [both fun and intimidating to face players I watched growing up].

When I was 18 and playing Roger Federer for the first time, it was like, “Wow!” I literally grew up watching this guy beat everybody. It’s pretty crazy," Fritz said. Despite the loss, the 24-year-old was thankful for the opportunity to lock horns with a modern-day legend.

"It was close in the third set and I thought I had a chance to win. I think the thought of possibly beating Federer that day is what did me in. I lost the match. But it was an amazing experience. You have to take a step back and remember who these players are and what they mean to tennis," Fritz said.