'Roger Federer is very level-headed', says top manager

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'Roger Federer is very level-headed', says top manager
'Roger Federer is very level-headed', says top manager (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Andy Murray, 34, admits there were doubts when he lost the 2012 Wimbledon final to Roger Federer. At the time, Murray had been one of the most consistent players on Tour, but he was struggling to step up at the Grand Slam.

After losing the 2012 Wimbledon final to Federer, Murray's Grand Slam finals record was 0-4. At the time, Murray also had a bunch of big Grand Slam appearances that ended with a semi-final elimination. "When I lost that Wimbledon final in 2012 against Roger, the pressure was still building, questions were being asked about me and if I could win a Grand Slam, if that was even possible," Murray said.

"I asked myself those questions too. I was working very hard to get it, and I couldn't get over the line" Murray was very emotional after the 2012 Wimbledon final by breaking down in tears. "After that match, obviously I was very upset for a few days, like I accepted that it might not happen, [that] I might not win a major.

But what I could control was the effort and everything I was putting in to try to move forward, keep getting better," Murray said. A month later, Murray smashed Federer at the 2012 London Olympics to win his first gold medal.

A couple of weeks after becoming an Olympic gold medalist, Murray defeated Novak Djokovic in the US Open final to finally win his first Grand Slam.

Federer will likely miss Wimbledon

AFC Bournemouth manager Scott Parker believes Roger Federer is a master at controlling his emotions while playing, which is why he wants his side to learn a trick or two from the Swiss.

"The emotional state of players and the emotional state of professional players in any sport is the key," Scott Parker. "And what I mean is not getting emotionally involved in a game, not running off course or doing things differently.

Or even trying too hard, however that may be." The 41-year-old then cited the example of Roger Federer, mentioning how the Swiss always keeps a cool head even in the face of adversity. Parker expressed his desire to see his Bournemouth side imbibe this quality from Federer.

"You look at the best in the world. Roger Federer - you wouldn't know whether he was two sets down or two sets up," Scott Parker said. "He is very level-headed. He sticks to process and understands what he is doing. That's where we need to get to. But I understand we are a young team and it is much easier said than done."

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