Roger Federer hopeful war ends soon, 'actively trying' to help Ukrainian children

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Roger Federer hopeful war ends soon, 'actively trying' to help Ukrainian children

Former world No. 31 Sergiy Stakhovsky revealed that Roger Federer and his wife Mirka are trying to find ways to help the children of Ukraine. "Roger Federer wishes that there would be peace soon," Stakhovsky said in his interview with

"He and (his wife) Mirka's foundation are looking for ways to help the children in Ukraine and also to look after some in Switzerland." In early March, Stakhovsky revealed Novak Djokovic reached out, while Federer and Rafael Nadal "preffered silence."

"Djokovic sent me a message of support, we even chatted a bit. I tried to contact Federer and Nadal, I’m sorry they preferred silence. I understand them, it’s not their war. We have the support of great personalities, I hope it lasts," Stakhovsky told La Stampa.

Stakhovsky has been in regular touch with Djokovic

In an interview with La Stampa earlier this month, Stakhovsky didn't want to blame Federer and Nadal as he noted "it's not their war." "With Novak it's a different situation again because he lived through (the war) when he was young," Stakhovsky said.

"So he knows exactly what our children have to go through." After ensuring his wife and three kids safely got to Hungary, Stakhovsky returned to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion. At the time, Stakhovsky said he didn't have any military experience but added he knew how to handle a gun.

Now, Stakhovsky admits he is "not comfortable" with handling a gun but noted he and the rest of Ukrainian have to do what's neccessary in order to defend their country. "I can't say I'm comfortable with a gun," Stakhovsky said.

"And that's let's say, even if I was able to conclude, killing someone marks you for life. I don't think Ukrainians want to do this voluntarily. But we have no other choice. If we don't defend ourselves, we no longer have a country to defend and also no country in which we live."