'Roger Federer is just so unique', says legendary tennis coach

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'Roger Federer is just so unique', says legendary tennis coach

Hyeon Chung was one of the most prominent players born in 1996. The Korean claimed the inaugural ATP Next Gen Finals trophy in 2017 and reached the Australian Open semifinal a few months later. Hyeon was the 23rd seed at Indian Wells 2018, notching up four wins to advance to the quarter-finals.

Roger Federer stood between the youngster and a spot in the semis, with the Swiss cruising to a 7-5 6-1 win in an hour and 23 minutes. Roger converted 17 more points than Hyeon, fending off five of six break points and converting almost half of the return points on four breaks of seven chances.

Federer shot 37 game winners and errors (both forced and unforced), while Chung had 18 game winners and 32 errors. The youngster kept in contact until the closing stages of the first set, before Federer took the reins and ran over his rival for the rest of the clash.

The Swiss held a 44-32 advantage in the shortest range up to four strokes and built a 28-23 lead in the most advanced to emerge on top and reach the semifinals. Roger fired three winners in the opening game and claimed five straight points on the return in game two to secure a break with a forehand lob winner.

In the third game, the Swiss added four service winners to confirm the advantage. The Korean took the lead with an unreturned serve in the fourth game. Roger suffered a break in the fifth game from 40-15, losing a bit of ground and allowing his opponent to get back on the positive side of the scoreboard.

Higueras speaks about Federer

Legendary tennis coach Jose Higueras has lavished praise on his former pupil Roger Federer, saying the Swiss cannot be compared to any other player on tour. "It's tough to compare Roger [Federer] with anybody.

He is so unique in everything - how he goes about his game, off the court," Higueras said. "He likes to feel the ball on his racquet strings, he likes to experiment. If you tell him something, he will digest it, he will think about it and [he is one of] those guys who are always so thirsty to learn." According to the coach, the fact that the former World No.

1 moved on so easily after such a one-sided loss was admirable. "With Roger, there is always something funny happening. When he got defeated by Rafael Nadal in the [2008] French Open, he won only four games. After that, we had a get-together with a bunch of his friends from Switzerland, like forty people.

I was so depressed but [he had a celebration after that huge loss]," Higueras said. "My point is, he is just so unique."